How does UVic Third Space spend its money?

It’s a troubling question, and we’re looking for answers. So far we have not seen any accounting or financial reports.

We also do not see any advocacy on behalf of women, non-binaries, gender-fluids, or students in general.

This is the web site that greets students, a week after classes began for the fall semester.


The former Women’s Centre (now called Third Space, for anyone who identifies as gender-variant) started the fall semester with a blank page. There have been no updates, events, or meeting announcements since April. It seems the money is not being spent on outreach or assistance for undergrads.

The Centre’s budget is money taken from student fees. So where is the benefit for students?

When we looked further, we found meeting minutes with a very questionable budget item: A $3200 donation to former finance coordinator Daphne Shaed.


daphne 3200.png

daphne 2700.png

Source: August 2 2016 Collective Meeting minutes


It is not clear from the minutes why an advocacy group is giving such a large part of its budget to a former staff person as a “donation,” or why the group would create a new position to support Daphne.

How is this consistent with the mandate of the Centre or any non-profit organization?

We are seeking answers from the University. Any info we receive will be published here.


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