Where does the student money go? No events, no staff, no programs, just drama

It’s been a year since male-to-trans “women” and “genderqueers” took over the former Women’s Centre at the University of Victoria, which they accomplished in large part by banning and threatening the female students who objected. Time to check in!

Aaaand it’s a total disaster.

The most recent event on the Events page was last February.

The website lists no current staff or volunteers. No work-study opportunities for students. And of course no meeting minutes to explain what the actual hell is going on there.

But the website’s blog is full of drama and accusations that UVSS, UVic’s student government, supposedly violated the new regime’s “privacy” by asking the collective to account for themselves. The genderqueer crew has even adopted a new acronym: FUCC UVSS.

Guess who UVSS is paying to run the centre’s website? It’s Daphne Shaed, the self-described “tranny cyborg” and “woman with a penis” who led the takeover last year. Shaed has turned the centre and its website into weapons in some kind of tranny cyborg vendetta, apparently.

In June, Shaed appeared at a UVic student government meeting to denounce the director of finance, and declare that the director is banned from the Women’s Centre.

Screenshot (87)Screenshot (88)

What we have here is a a “women’s centre” that has no staff, no work-study students, no programs, no events, and no disclosure, where feminists and student financial officers are banned.

It’s 2017. Can we talk about pulling the funding from this self-serving shitshow?